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This renowned hair regrowth treatment uses your own blood to obtain an all natural, platelet rich fibrin matrix (PRFM). After sufficient numbing, the PRFM is injected into strategic areas of your scalp to stimulate the production of new hair follicles.

Vampire (PRP) Hair Regrowth

23 Sandstone Body and Mind Spa

At 23 Sandstone Spa, your procedure will be performed by our medical director, Alice R. McKee, MD.  She is board certified in family medicine with 30 years of experience including urgent care, geriatrics, emergency medicine, hospital medicine and clinic practice.  Our experienced medical assistant, Cindy Hall, will first draw your blood in the treatment room, and spin it down to obtain the PRFM in the same room.  This process of making your pure, fresh and all natural PRFM takes about 15 minutes.

Once injected, a tissue repair process will begin.  This cellular reaction stimulates blood flow and new follicle growth, when applied in the areas of thinning hair.  The number of injections, about one per inch, depends on the overall area that requires treatment.  Following the subcutaneous injections, the doctor will also stimulate the scalp more by using an automated micro-needling device to allow PRFM to penetrate the dermis.

Unipotent stem cells in the scalp are activated in the treatment area for up to 6 weeks, resulting in new tissue and hair follicle growth.  There are no known adverse side effects or complications due to PRFM injections.

Limitations would apply to anyone who is allergic to Lidocaine, pregnant or suffering from a systemic chronic disease.  Diseases which cause hair loss may also counteract the PRFM stimulus process.  The use of aspirin, ibuprofen or steroids may interfere with results following treatment; Tylenol only is recommended for up to 4 weeks.  Smokers have a less positive result than non-smokers. 

As with any procedures involving needles, blood draws or injections, there is always a risk of discomfort, bleeding, bruising or infection at the needle puncture site.

Dr. McKee and her medical assistant Cindy Hall are available post-treatment for any questions or concern.  Immediate in office assessment will be done for any issues regarding possible infection or excess inflammation.  The rate of infection is considered very low, less than 2%.  FDA approved kits are used for the blood draw and processing procedure, reducing the chance of infection or processing errors.  Techniques used include pre-treatment antibacterial scalp cleansing, sterile processing and sterile needles to minimize any risk of infection.

Studies are still underway to determine lasting results, anywhere from two years or more.  Cellular hair regrowth is a relatively new treatment that has been determined to be very safe and effective in most cases of unwanted hair thinning and loss. 

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