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23 Sandstone Body and Mind Spa performs the Vampire Facelift, developed by Dr. Charles Runels.

Vampire Facelift Q & A

23 Sandstone Body and Mind Spa

Saggy jowls?  Under eye bags?  Smile lines? --No Problem! 

Dark areas under eyes and thinning lips?   The Vampire facelift can fix these too!

Results are simply amazing and take years off your facial appearance!

This new youthful look lasts 1-2 years.  And, best of all, it never looks surgical; your new face is completely natural!

23 Sandstone Body and Mind Spa performs the Vampire Facelift, developed by Dr. Charles Runels. 

As with other trademarked Vampire procedures, we start by drawing your blood. 

The Vampire Facelift is a procedure that utilizes hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal fillers to plump cheeks, lift jowls, restore lips, smooth wrinkles and correct facial folds. 

PRFM (platelet rich fibrin matrix) is processed from your blood using a special FDA approved kit.  Then it is carefully instilled under the skin using fine needle injections.

Stem cells remain stimulated for many weeks to come.  Your face is literally “lifted” by the growth of new tissues--blood vessels, fat cells, elastin and collagen. 

Dr. Alice McKee, medical director at 23 Sandstone, has been trained and certified by the Cellular Medicine Association to perform this trademarked procedure. 

Cost is $1600 for men, $1500 for women.  Ask us about our price promotions in consult. 

Read more about this procedure on the official website  We recommend also having the Vampire Facial done every 6 months following the facelift, to maintain a youthful skin texture along with your younger facial shape! 

(Nonsmokers do see better results than smokers.)

Sorry, this is not covered by insurance, but can be covered by flexible spending accounts and Care Credit.   We also accept major credit cards. 

There is no charge for the physician consult.


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