Hypnotherapy for Lifestyle Changes

Certified Hypnotherapist Trapper Sherwood can be booked for private or group sessions to reinforce the development of specific habits for a successful and healthy lifestyle. Hypnotherapy sessions have been proven to benefit career, test taking, sports performance, mood, anxiety, sleep, chronic pain, smoking cessation, diet/weight control and exercise habits. Price range is $100-$999.

Spa Membership includes 10% off these services, and a complimentary ebook on relaxation techniques ($50 value).

Trapper SherwoodThomas “Trapper” Sherwood is a certified master hypnotist (CMH) and certified hypnotherapist (CHT). He received his CMH (2009) having trained under Wendi Friesen, CHT, a renowned clinical hypnotherapist, and received his CHT (2015) under certified master hypnotherapist trainer Steve Roehm, MHT. Trapper specializes in conversational hypnosis and is a certified member of the International Association of Professional Conversational Hypnotists (IAPCH). Through his personal one-on-one hypnosis sessions and hypnotic affirmation audios, he has helped clients quit smoking, reduce stress, sleep better, and build confidence. Trapper is also a Relapse Prevention Expert working with the Addiction Freedom Project and addiction clinics throughout Middle Tennessee, addressing the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of ending addiction and the cycle of relapse. Trapper is a veteran and former United States Marine Corps Sergeant.