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When you’re tired of intense workouts and diets that aren’t getting rid of your stubborn fat, it’s time to look to innovative MedSpa treatments that can give you the results you desire. At 23 Sandstone Body and Mind Spa, a board-certified physician, Alice McKee, MD, provides a variety of cutting-edge fat reduction services, including lipolysis and body contouring. If you live in Jackson, Tennessee, and are looking for an experienced MedSpa doctor, schedule an appointment with Dr. McKee. Call to book your consultation or do it online today.

Fat Reduction Q & A

23 Sandstone Body and Mind Spa

What type of fat reduction treatments are there?

When you want to reduce fat in your trouble zones, Dr. McKee can help you reach your goals with non-surgical, permanent fat reduction. Using FDA-approved technologies, she offers multiple methods of fat reduction, including:

  • Exilis Elite™
  • Zimmer ZWaveⓒ

These treatments use different technologies to give you fat reduction and body contouring, including laser energy, radio-frequency energy, and radial pulse technology.


How do fat reduction treatments work?

The fat reduction treatments that Dr. McKee uses work in different ways.

Exilis Elite

The Exilis Elite combines ultrasound and radiofrequency technologies to bring you a more effective treatment. The radio frequency energy penetrates deep into your skin, attacking fat cells. As these cells die, your body naturally removes them. The ultrasound technologies stimulate your body’s collagen production, improving skin texture and tightness.

Zimmer ZWave

The Zimmer ZWave uses sound waves and radial pulse technology to stimulate your metabolism, increasing blood flow. This leads to smoother skin and a reduction in the appearance of cellulite, which can dramatically enhance your results. You can also use it in lieu of massage after cryotherapy.

How do you know which fat reduction treatment is right for you?

If you’re interested in fat reduction treatments, but don’t know which one is right for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. McKee to discuss your fat loss goals.

Dr. McKee then builds a customized treatment plan, addressing your issues. After considering your general health, targeted fat reduction areas, and body shape, she recommends the most effective treatments for your goals. To get optimal results, she may recommend more than one treatment session or a combination of different treatment methods.

Fat reduction treatments aren’t weight-loss treatments and aren’t designed to help you lose extensive amounts of fat. Instead, they’re intended to help eliminate stubborn fat that diet and exercise can’t eliminate.

If you’re ready to learn more about fat reduction techniques, call Dr. McKee’s office today or book your appointment online now.

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