Yoga Class Prices & Schedule

Class Schedule

            Day                Time                       Class                                          Instructor

  Monday            9:15           Beginning & Beyond Yoga                      Sally

  Tuesday            11:15         Beginning & Gentle Yoga                       Sally

 Wednesday        9:15           Beginning & Beyond Yoga                     Sally

 Thursday          11:15          Beginning & Gentle Yoga                       Sally

Pricing options: Memberships, Class Packages, or Single Class per visit.

Pricing With 1 Year Membership
Single Membership $40 per month, Couples Membership $75 per month,
Family Membership $125 per month.
Having a membership allows you unlimited attendance in classes throughout your Membership, as well as 10% off other participating spa services.
Pricing with Class Package only
Single Class $14 ($14 per class)
Package of 2: $24 ($12 per class) *Senior Discount $8 per class
Package of 6: $60 ($10 per class) (65 and Older)
Package of 12: $108 ($9 per class)
Package of 24: $192 ($8 per class) *Student Discount $8 per class
(or more) (with Student ID)
Attendees must be at least 16 years of age and have parental consent in writing.

Classes will not be in session on major holidays.
Download our MindBody app for up-to-date information on Yoga schedule, or
contact the Spa at 731-300-7723 with any questions.